Metamorphoses 1:
The Hunt


I designed the sounds and composed the music that I played live with the Orphans (Mitja Cerkvenik, Miha Cočev, Andrej Stupar) during the performance conceived by choreographer and director Bara Kolenc. It premiered on 19.1.2011 in Kino Šiška.

Link to Kino Šiška


Delo - 21.1.2011

RTV Kultura (1'25'' - 2'38'')




"Metamorphoses 1: The Hunt" focuses on hunting, in the structural as well as the substantive sense, but also captures the relation between human being and nature, culture and nature. The hunt is placed in the context of contemporary civilized society where it exists as a practice regulated by law within legally protected nature. But this does not mean that it is no longer a locus of powerful phantasms and desires. Bara Kolenc is interested in hunting as an empirical and material act that speaks of an uneasy and contradictory transgression and regulation of the borders between nature and culture. Proceeding from a newspaper article on a helicopter accident involving high political and humanitarian dignitaries on an illegal hunt of protected animals and the stories from Metamorphoses (Ages of Man, Actaeon and the story about Erysichthon), the performance wants to examine our regulated, but still phantasmatic relation to animals and nature. At the social level, this is observed through the musealisation of nature, on the one hand, and the barbarism of contemporary public and political passions, on the other. In this performance, the worlds of hunters, politicians and mythological figures - voracious and hungry, wild and unregulated - merge one into the other through numerous visual and auditive metamorphoses.